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Digital marketing: graduate area of work

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Digital marketing uses new media, such as the Internet, to promote companies’ products and services. If you have a passion for digital media, this could be the perfect career for you.

Digital marketing covers the promotion of products and services using the Internet, mobile phones, and other digital channels. There are two forms of digital marketing – checkout and push, and they can be used alone or in combination.

Generally, with pull marketing, the user has to find the content, for example clicking on an online advertisement, while with marketing, the company specifically targets the users. Examples of push marketing include emails and SMS messages. The tasks involved in this field of work include:

  • Work with companies to develop marketing strategies

  • Dealing with budgets

  • Coordination with design agencies or departments

  • Write copy for targeted emails

  • Analyze and interpret the results

Some companies hire their own digital marketing teams but many of those who work in this field are hired by agencies or consulting firms. Work can be stressful, with tight deadlines, but getting a good response from a campaign you helped design can be very rewarding.

Data-driven marketing is a fast-moving specialty within digital marketing. Data marketers find different ways to use customer data to customize marketing according to customer needs and wants. These pieces of data can come from a number of sources, including from “cookies” (browsing activity and preferences saved by certain websites) or from site tracking. There is potential for data-driven marketing to have applications in every industry, and there is a range of technical and creative job roles available.

Required qualifications

Graduates from business or marketing-related majors may be preferred by employers, but there are still plenty of opportunities for graduates from other fields. Enthusiasm is a prerequisite for the job, so graduates who can demonstrate relevant work experience, such as working to promote a university event online and other means, will go a long way. Work experience may also be gained in the public relations or marketing department of a volunteer organization.

The calculation is especially important in analyzing the results of a digital marketing campaign. Other skills required include business awareness, organizational skills, creativity, excellent communication, interpersonal skills and good teamwork abilities. Postgraduate qualifications can help in this competitive environment – the Chartered Institute of Marketing offers postgraduate qualifications, as does the Institute of Direct Marketing.

Where to find more

Vacancies and details of graduate programs offered by marketing communications agencies can be found on the Association of Marketing Communications Consultants website. It can be difficult to find vacancies in this field, so it is also worth applying to companies or agencies.

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