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Digital Dinagyang to open on Jan. 14

Digital Dinagyang to open on Jan. 14
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preview. A live Tribe show filmed on December 23, 2021 for the 2022 Dinjiang Digital Festival competition. An opening opening prayer will be held on January 14 to enter the annual festival. (Image credits to Iloilo Festivals, Inc.)

Ouylu – This year, Dinagyang viewers can watch the “opening shots” of the festival through live broadcasts on various Facebook (FB) accounts on January 14.

“Everyone will still feel the blow of the opening, not necessarily to take to the streets of Iloilo City properly and cheer, but we will bring the drums home,” Gabriel Omadhai of the Iloilo City Covid team said at a press conference on Tuesday. .

The opening marks the start of the Dinagyang Festival with the participating tribes performing in the downtown area of ​​the city to give their audience a preview of their performance during the day of the festival competition.

With the restrictions in place in this city, currently under Alert Level 3, ground events are restricted as they are viewed as super distributed activities.

Umadhay said seven tribes based in Barangay will have a caravan broadcast live on Iloilo City Government, Iloilo Festivals, Inc (IFFI), and Jerry B Trinas FB accounts.

“In 2020, they were part of our Dinagyang competition. However, with everything limited, we redirected their creations to our drumming caravan.”

At the same press conference, the executive director of the International Fisheries Federation, Joyce Clavecellas, said the slanderers would be on several trucks and pass the main streets of the city.

A short virtual program featuring a trailer for the Dinagyang Tribe Contest will be shown before the caravan begins on January 14.

The trailer show will launch the contest that was filmed and will be broadcast on January 23 on the same media platform.

Professor Eric Divingracia, director of IFFI’s Dinagyang Tribes competition, said videos were taken while the seven participating tribes performed their live shows in December.

Their live performance will make up 60 percent of their score while judging while the remaining 40 percent will come from their digital performance. (PNA)

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