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Detroit’s Marketing Supply Co. merges with LA-based agency Phenomenon

Phenomenon Detroit's offices, formerly Marketing Supply Co.  , in the Islandview neighborhood of Detroit.
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A Los Angeles-based marketing and marketing agency has acquired a digital marketing agency in Detroit that has helped increase the online presence of companies such as Floyd, Detroit Bikes, and the furniture maker Rocket Fiber.

Marketing Supply Co. , located in the Islandview neighborhood of Detroit across the Detroit River from Belle Isle, is now the third location for the Phenomenon across the country, along with Los Angeles and Chicago. As part of the acquisition, Marketing Supply Co. As Phenomenon Detroit.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We are excited to partner with MSC because they have an impressive track record of driving growth for clients,” Krish Menon, founder and CEO of Phenomenon, said in a press release. HBO Max, Intuit, and others.

The deal came through Michigan Communications — Phenomenon Chairman Ranveer Gujral, of Metro Detroit — said Shane Blymaster, founder of Marketing Supply Co. His agency appeared when Phenomenon was looking to partner with another agency.

Shane Blumaster, founder of Marketing Supply Co.  He is now Managing Director of Phenomenon Detroit.

Marketing Supply Co.’s expertise lies in In growth strategies, which can include everything from buying ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, search engine optimization and writing content for emails and websites.

Bliemaster said this complements Phenomenon’s brand expertise and market strategy. Founded in 2015, MSC has helped more than 50 startups and established companies grow.

“It’s a good partnership because we do things that they don’t, and they do things that we don’t,” said Blymaster.

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