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Dentsu hires first chief addressability officer Keith Camoosa

Dentsu hires first chief addressability officer Keith Camoosa
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Dentsu International doubles down on individual marketing by appointing Keith Camoosa as the chief addressee, a title the agency claims is a first in the industry. Camoosa will report to Doug Rozen, CEO of Dentsu Media, Americas.

Rosen described the move as a “pioneering approach” to the future of media. “The introduction of the first official addressability drives Dentsu’s leadership forward as all media become addressable media,” he said. The growth in identity matching with stock, Keith will lead us into a new media landscape like never before.”

With the digital advertising landscape in turmoil due to privacy concerns, the end of cookies and ever-changing regulations, Dentsu is betting on the Camoosa team – working alongside its Merkle data unit; Marketplace instructable for M1 Publisher; and Merkury’s identity solution platform—can give an agency an edge by taking a holistic view of identity and people-based marketing. “We need a new direction and Keith’s role is to intersect [all channels]Rosen said. “It’s not about any one channel, because we believe that all channels in all media are going to become routable and should become routable.”

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