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Data Reveals Google Search’s Stranglehold On The Search Engine Marketplace / Digital Information World

Data Reveals Google Search’s Stranglehold On The Search Engine Marketplace / Digital Information World
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StatCounter recently updated its data detailing the search engine market across most of 2021, showing each company’s share from month to month.

Well, with the search engine market saturated, and competition flowing left and right, one would expect there to be quite a few major players, with every other app looking for a cut in the overall profits? I mean, the smartphone industry, the social media industry, and many other industries are similar, right? If you have such an opinion, I regret to inform you that this assumption is not entirely correct. The search engine market is a potent monopoly (whatever other appropriate adjectives are), where Google search outperforms every other engine and owns less than 10 percent of what is out there. ouch. While I’m not particularly surprised by these results, given that Google search is an incredibly popular engine after all, this remarkable disparity between Google and literally everything else is probably something not everyone expected. However, a lot of it boils down to luck, efficient marketing, and money invested in projects left and right. Let’s look at some numbers, then discuss Google’s current market dominance.

To start things off, it is very interesting that Google Search has actually seen a net loss of market share year on year. December 2020 saw the podium with a staggering 92.16%, but November 2021 led the podium to a very dismal 91.42%. A total loss of 0.74% of the stock? Oh Julie Gee, it really looks like Google is on its last wheels. Jokes aside, the numbers for one of Google’s most valuable products (arguably the company’s flagship product, even) had almost no fluctuation, while others didn’t perform well. If we look at the December 2021 data (shown below), the picture is much brighter for Google. There are only four other search engines mentioned in the report, with all others being unceremoniously pushed into the “other” category. Of those four, Bing performed the best, ending 2021 with a 3.14% market share. Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex are hardly decipherable from each other since they all hold approximately 1% of the shares respectively. Other search engines like DuckDuckGo, while enjoying recent spikes in popularity, are nowhere to be seen, and therefore have a long ladder to climb before reaching the top.

As a matter of fact, the only region where Google Search does not completely eliminate its competitors is North America, where every other place with a popular search engine has more than 90% of the market. So, what makes North America different and unique? I think a lot of that can be traced back to an overall greater awareness of different search engine options, and how the likes of Google search can lead to the exchange of user personal information with targeted third-party advertisers. Even then, however, Google held a staggering 88.79% in November of 2021. In fact, while other search engines did naturally slightly better, the only significant rise in Bing’s share in the search engine market can be seen, jumping from 3.14% globally to 5.93% is relatively significant.

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