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Conversational Messaging is 2022’s biggest growth hack for your startup

Conversational Messaging is 2022’s biggest growth hack for your startup
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One of the startup’s main focus areas is customer/user acquisition. Startups have traditionally relied on digital media such as websites and mobile apps, and digital marketing channels such as search, display, and social networking to find and nurture new customers. Most of these channels are one-way, i.e. your start-up is to “push” ads and notifications to your target audience. What if you could have personalized two-way conversations, at scale, with everyone in your target audience? This is possible with conversational messages

chat messages It can help your startup interact with customers and users wherever they are already – the messaging app. This does not require you to visit the website or download a mobile app. You treat them, the way they treat friends and family.

Consider these stats –

175 million

Every day consumers message a company on WhatsApp (Source: WhatsApp)

You can manage your entire startup buying experience with WhatsApp Trade


of Instagram users who follow at least 1 business (Source: Instagram)

You can enable product discovery, commerce, and support with Instagram API


of companies planning to spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps (Source: Gartner)

Automate and create personalized consumer experiences with AI-powered chatbots On any messaging app


Open rate on WhatsApp and other messaging apps vs 20% on email

How can your startup leverage conversational messaging for growth?

Conversational Messaging can help your startup in 3 areas – Marketing, Commerce and Support. Let’s take a look at each of those.

Conversational Marketing Gain the trust of a potential client, and be like a friend or family member

Conversational Marketing helps you take your customers through the marketing funnel through a series of personalized conversation experiences, on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

1. Marketing entry points – make any A digital or physical entry point to start a conversation using QR codes or URLs, be it a website, an app storefront, a billboard, a product bundle or a digital ad.

2. Marketing Chatbots on WhatsApp and Instagram – Starting with an entry point, lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion can be made easy with branded AI-powered bots on WhatsApp, Instagram and any messaging app, taking leads on a journey

3. Use of A2P messages – For small and large databases, send rich media messages on WhatsApp, Instagram and any messaging app to start two-way automated conversations

4. Outdoor media – If you’re running ad campaigns that take advantage of third-party media networks, QR code-enabled chatbots can turn physical surfaces into conversational interfaces

5. Integrations – Integrate messaging with CRM, ORM, social media, marketing automation or native tools your startups use

Conversational Commerce – A mobile storefront for your startup

Conversational commerce helps your startup generate more revenue by taking your customers on a conversational journey through the buying process, in which customers can discover product orders, pay and track those orders through a messaging app like WhatsApp or Instagram

1. Trade Entry Points – Make any digital or physical entry point a business entry point using QR codes or URLs

2. WhatsApp Commerce – M.ove your product catalog on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Commerce feature

3. Product discovery – Send product catalog messages or single product messages to your database on WhatsApp and start a two-way conversation with them

4. 1 Click Payments Inside Messaging Apps – Collect payments within the messaging app as soon as the customer checks out and is ready to pay

5. Merge Your messaging app with leading POS and payment gateways including UPI

Conversational Support – a 24/7 personal assistant for your clients

Conversational Support helps you create a 24/7 support channel for your clients so that routine and complex queries can be handled efficiently and direct agents are brought in in moderation. This helps your startup maintain the customer experience while keeping support costs low

1. Start Support Chats on WhatsApp and Instagram – Activate a support conversation when a customer calls a toll-free number or leaves a (good/bad) comment on social media. Proactively send links to customers to activate support chats on WhatsApp, Instagram or any other messaging app

2. Chatbot support – Build it on WhatsApp, Instagram and other apps to handle common questions, complex queries, and advanced queries with context changes

3. WhatsApp-based Customer Support Tool – These tools can help you set up and extend customer support on WhatsApp. They support multiple agents, have easy-to-use chat screens, support user qualification and management, and help create pre-defined automatic responses to common queries. At any time, direct agent can be delivered.

4. Delivery to single and multiple agents – T.It is an important aspect of conversation support where, depending on the size, the query is routed to one or several agents based on the routing logic. Single and multiple agent dashboards can be used.

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A startup that became a unicorn through the power of conversational messaging

Gupshup was one of the early players in the messaging space, recognizing the need in the market since 2005. Within a year, it launched an SMS-based social network that grew to 70 million users. Since then, Gupshup has expanded the range of its solutions, with an enterprise messaging and chatbot platform. They then partnered with WhatsApp and leading mobile manufacturers to provide enhanced messaging, and then moved on to launch their own IP messaging channel in 2020.

Gupshup is now a leader in messaging solutions for conversation and provides a single messaging API, becoming a one-stop shop for all kinds of messaging needs. Gupshup sends 7 billion messages per month to support over 100,000 companies and developers

In April 2021, Gupshup became India’s 10th rhino of the year with a valuation of $1.4 billion. In 2021 alone, Gupshup raised $340 million through world-renowned investors such as Tiger Global, Fidelity Management and Research, Think Investments, and others.

“Gupshup is uniquely positioned to win in this market with a premium product and a clear, sustainable moat…” – John Curtius, Tiger Global Management.

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