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COMMS/NATION’s Leadership Team Certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

COMMS/NATION’s Leadership Team Certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
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You need marketers to guide you through the valley of darkness and mystery in e-commerce, and into the promised American dream of prosperity and interest. “

– Andrea M. Garcia

WEEHAWKEN, New Jersey, USA, January 13, 2022 / – COMMS / NATION,
[ ] A public relations and creative design agency that combines business strategies and marketing services to shape its client audience, announced that it is adding greater focus to an often unnoticed dimension the modern business leader faces; their mental health.

In an innovative effort to better serve its existing client base, the COMMS/NATION Leadership Team is now certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) by the National Council on Mental Wellbeing.

A Mental Health First Aid Certification is a science-based training program on how to recognize, effectively treat, and react to the many subtle signs or symptoms of mental health problems. To ensure that these accredited are always updated with changes in modern psychology, the license must be renewed every 3 years, ensuring that best practices are taught – and implemented – by instructors.

Business leaders must learn to wear many hats, all the while making important strategic decisions and managing people, their time, money, and their lives. This can overburden the decision and increase the potential for burnout. It is more important than ever for leaders to surround themselves with emotionally intelligent marketing consultants who can spot the conditions of an impending crisis.

“A common misconception is that marketing is only about images on social media, but whatever your brand touches is part of your marketing strategy. We live in a world where employers must take an active role in building a healthy work environment for their employees,” said Andrea M. Garcia. COMMS/NATION CEO and experienced crisis manager for corporate branding and high-risk litigation, ignoring your corporate culture is a PR disaster in the making.

Business leaders learn how to manage their mental health, all while being responsible for the livelihoods of others – and this is an added burden for an overburdened employer; Working with inflexible or unsympathetic marketing partners who are not people focused will cost you additional money.

“To be your best boss, you need a marketing partner who will understand the different progressive stages you will go through as you build the identity of your new business leader. This month the US hit an all-time high at the height of the Great Resignation, as more employees quit their jobs. This means We will see an unprecedented number of startups and new business owners for the first time, who are emotionally ill-equipped for the highest levels and the lowest levels of business. You need someone to guide you through the dark and obscure valley of e-commerce, and into the promised American dream of prosperity and interest. Marketing will play a much larger role And it takes more time into your business than you originally thought.”

Companies need COMMS professionals who understand people – that’s why it’s called PR. The focus should be on building sustainable relationships with customers, not cheap advertising. Having a team of marketing professionals by your side who understands that mental health is the foundation of literally every personal interaction will help leaders build a stronger brand at its core.


COMMS / NATION LLC. , is an award-winning communications, public relations, and creative services agency in New Jersey that advises businesses seeking to reach new clients and build market share. We are a full-service marketing agency that includes: media relations, public relations, creative services, brand development, digital design, promotional materials, marketing collateral, and advertising. The company is led by an experienced and diversified team with senior leadership experience in journalism, politics, consumer affairs, litigation communications, crisis communications, healthcare, real estate, construction development and more.

COMMS/NATION is accredited by the State of New Jersey as an M/WBE and SBE and now by the NGLCC as an NGLE. Stay up-to-date with the latest communication insights through our Future / Comms blog:

More from the National Council on Mental Health:
Founded in 1969, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing is a membership organization that leads political and social change on behalf of nearly 3,500 mental health and substance abuse treatment organizations and the more than 10 million children, adults and families they serve. We advocate policies to ensure equitable access to quality services. We build the capacity of mental health and substance abuse treatment organizations. We promote a better understanding of mental health as an essential component of comprehensive health and wellness care. Through the Mental Health First Aid Program, we have trained more than 2.5 million people in the United States to identify, understand, and respond to the signs and symptoms of mental health and substance abuse challenges.

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