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“Buying trust is the most important thing that you can do in marketing today.”

Regev Gur, founder of Narrative Group. Photo: Dor David Malka
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Trusted recommendations are the most effective form of marketing, says Regev Gore, founder of Narrative Group. He explains that this is why influencer or creative marketing works. The content could then be supported by a more traditional advertising campaign, but the trust given to creators is key to marketing today. Gore says marketing is the most important role in a company, because it’s the biggest difference between similar products. He also enjoys marketing in an agency, as it allows him and his staff to get involved in many businesses and sectors. Their experience with influencers in many areas allows them to move quickly and effectively to help companies get their message across. Although he loves his work, Gore’s top priority in life is to become a philanthropist and donate his money to help others. This goal motivates everything he does.

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Thank you for having me in your lovely apartment. Tell me about yourself and how you see marketing in this world.

In my opinion, the best way to do marketing is to get references and recommendations. This is why I find Influencer Marketing so effective. If in the past you saw many beauty and fashion brands doing influencer marketing, nowadays you can see any brand. Buying confidence is the most important thing you can do in marketing in 2022.

What is marketing to you?

Basically, it’s everything. There are many similar products out there, but if they win in marketing, they win in everything. I am a firm believer that marketing is perhaps the most important role in every company. I think the way you sell it, that’s how you can move the needle between similar products.

Most marketing agencies offer advertisements, billboards, television advertisements, and radio commercials. But you are doing something different.

We do ads. But they are not typical ads. It’s more of a recommendation thing. It makes almost no advertisement. The key is the amazing content. If you work with the right influencers on amazing content, that will be fine. This is what we do. We work with 100 to 200 influencers per month. We know influencers in almost every field. We know what works.

Talk to me about influencers. Maybe you and I are thinking about that, but this is a new concept in the world.

I think it’s an old concept that is undergoing an upgrade. Ten years ago, you would have listened to my recommendation as your friend or as an expert. Then you can support the idea from different places. You can do PR and do TV, but you support it with the most experienced tech influencer who actually reviews, uses, and likes the product. You will listen to him.

The content is different when you talk about impactful content versus a 15-second slot on the TV. right?

Yes. Good influencer, you don’t have to content with them. It will, which also saves a lot of production money. You just give the summary to the influencer, and he will do whatever is right for his audience.

Regev Gore, founder of Narrative Group. Photo: the role of David Malka

The company has a message you want to spread, but you say the influencer has more autonomy. How do you manage this conflict?

They need to do whatever is around talking points. We talk a lot about content before we do any campaign. You want to make sure it’s accurate in what the company wants to say. You let them go for free in terms of content, but you give them very precise instructions.

How do you manage the credibility behind an influencer when there is financial intervention?

This is a great question. I think all influencers should be afraid because many influencers are starting to lose their credibility. This is why they take on fewer projects. They do not want to recommend something else every day, no one will believe them.

There has to be a way for influencers who really like a product and have great followers to monetize it.

They say they will only do everything if they believe in the product. I’m not sure it’s the right thing. They only do projects where they are interested in the product. We work with the best tech companies out there, so we don’t get many nos.

What does the process look like from the moment the startup is interested to the moment I actually get something done?

It is a very long and difficult process that we are trying to minimize. A B2B product is more difficult because you need to impress the decision maker, who is not an ordinary person in the house. It is way more judicial. But I also think Elon Musk and Adam Singolda and those guys are influenced by someone. How do you find this person? How do you find this podcast that listens and integrates with it? This is the first step, research. How do we find those relevant places and influencers?

As a Narrative Group, you get the demand from the startup and then you try to figure out the best strategy, the best influencer, and what area?

indeed. It all starts from meeting with clients, but then from research. After research, we agree these people with the client. Then the access part starts. They will answer us faster because we are already in this market for a good amount of time. This is the advantage of being an agency: you are at the center of it all.

After arrival, negotiations begin. Then it’s the legal stuff. Then the content, which is the most important thing. You should do this content with them and make sure it’s absolutely awesome. They send you the script for approval.

It’s a huge process, but it’s a lot of fun because we work with so many companies. I always tell my employees, “You work for 25 startups or companies.” We are at the heart of the business, which is marketing, so we know everything about the company. You will never get bored because you work in many sectors.

Which part do you enjoy the most?

Obviously, I don’t like the legal stuff. I like negotiating a lot. I found myself doing 10 to 20 negotiations a day. I’m exhausted at the end of the day, but I love it. I would love to win it

Where is the negotiating center?

They care about many things, and we care about many things. Number one: the cost of influencers. Then it’s use. Can I use these materials after the campaign? We always want to use those materials. Influencers know this, so there is a price for it. There are so many little things that I can’t even explain.

How long does this process usually take?

It really depends on the niche. But if we start labor today, we will start giving birth in about three weeks. Every time we have a good opportunity, we show it.

Give me some examples of Narrative Group projects.

Our last post so far was with Mrwhosetheboss. He is extremely talented, and massive amounts of followers. Not just followers, they listen. It really affects people. This is what we’re trying to find in an influencer: we care about prestige and numbers, but we really care about sharing it.

We campaigned for an Israeli company called Mine. In terms of views, it will reach two and three million views. It’s crazy for an Israeli company. The review was amazing. We do several of these every week.

Going back to your childhood, who is Regev?

I had a big family. My parents divorced when I was 12 years old. Then, I was in a survival mode where I needed to be the man in the house. I felt like I needed to take ownership. I think that’s what made me successful. I’m starving for success. I’m so glad I didn’t come from a rich place.

I understand the intrinsic drive for success, but where is the motivation for the work you do?

I believe that during your life you should give everything you have, donate your money and do good. My dream is to become a benefactor. This is why I do everything I do. I think you need to end the zero in your bank account when you die.

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