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Business Name Generator For 2022: Company Names for Free

Business Name Generator For 2022: Company Names for Free
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10 Seconds Brand Name Generator

You can instantly check the availability of a business name or domain name online and discover the perfect name for your brand. 10 Seconds Business Name Generator is designed to inspire and help you create a name for your business by providing a list of business name ideas to choose from.

Follow our guide below to learn how you can come up with a business name.

Create a brand name for your brand

To use our business name generator to generate a name idea for your business, you need to have a name in mind. I usually recommend having about 5 possible names.

The next step is to enter keywords into the business name search engine based on the basic concept of your business. In a matter of seconds, our company name generator will produce hundreds of business name ideas related to your business. Your job is to explore and come up with a name that fits your brand.

The name you select must be original, unique, memorable and reflective of your brand or product. When deciding on the correct name for your business, keep the following in mind:

Your brand

Your brand name is always the first element that your target audience will encounter. However, how you name your business in relation to your brand will play an important role in your company’s success. Basically, your business name should reflect the type of brand and the goods and services you offer.

For example, think of names like “Hot Heels Boutique” as the name of your shoe store.

In addition, your brand name should resonate with the target audience. Find who you are trying to sell to and make sure your brand name aligns well with them. For example, if your target audience is young people, then your brand name should be something that resonates well with young people.

your market

You don’t want to sound like “just another one of those companies”. Your business has to be better than anything else that already exists and therefore, you need to do a thorough market research to know how well your competitors are performing.

To get started, make a list of your direct business competitors in the market. These are companies with similar products, services, or marketing materials in your industry. For each of them, explore what makes them so memorable. Then use the same trick to think about what will make your business name unique and stand out from the crowd.

This also applies to domains as well. You need to check domain name availability to see what domain name your competitors are using.


You will have to settle on the naming options available. Name search is extremely important as it helps you avoid names that are already registered.

This applies to domain availability as well. You want to set your sights on the domain name available for the label.

Fortunately, you can google with domain name generator, business name generator for SEO, and social media handles to see if the business name ideas you’re considering are available for naming.

However, our company name generator only helps in brainstorming and providing a list of business names to choose from. Choosing the name that best suits your business is up to you.

How can I get an attractive business name?

Creating an attractive brand takes energy and courage. An attractive brand name should be memorable, original and modern. There are several ways to come up with such brand names including using acronym, cuteness, using symbolism, name abbreviation, creating mixes, using your own name, and more.

How to choose a trade name

Our free brand name generator aids in the naming process by helping you brainstorm and come up with your new business or brand name idea. All you have to do is enter keywords and our name generator will generate name ideas from keyword and industry relevance match.

When you use our name generator, a list of business names will be displayed, but finding the right name for your business is up to you.

However, here is how you will achieve an attractive brand name.

Make your name unforgettable

In essence, a brand name doesn’t have much value if no one remembers it. You want consumers to resonate with your brand wherever they are. A consumer’s ability to recognize your brand has a huge impact on how they view your brand.

How quickly a consumer remembers your business name will not only get loyal customers but also new ones. However, a memorable brand name will help keep your brand at the forefront of the market.

To make a company name truly memorable, your business name must convey the company’s main features or advantages. I don’t mean that you should describe what your company does in the trade name, but it should be suggestive.

For example, if you market an online business name generator as a “10 seconds trade name generator,” you will naturally assume that we generate a business name within 10 seconds. Or if you name my battery brand “Die Hard”, you’ll think of a battery that takes a long time to die.

trade mark

Branding is a very crucial step in naming your business. A brand name is something that stays with your business forever. You can change other aspects of your business identity like logo, slogan or value ratio without much consequence but changing the brand name can make you lose a lot of customers.

For this reason, the name you select should work for you and not against you. Make sure to try our business name generator to get a branded business name idea.

When creating a brand name, always keep the following in mind:

  • Is it unique and easy to distinguish between competitors?
  • Does the name describe your brand or what do you do?
  • Is this easy to understand?
  • Do you visualize the value of your brand?
  • Is it attractive and memorable?
  • Does it infringe an already registered trademark name?


A clear name can be very useful in your marketing and branding efforts. A clear name can be catchy and easy for customers to remember.

Consumer behavior research indicates that very few consumers will take the time to inquire about the interpretation of your brand name. This means that you should choose a brand name that does not require an explanation.

If consumers struggle to understand your brand, they will likely forget it. The brand name should also be adaptable or refer directly to your product.


You want your work to stand out and be memorable. In general, customers will not remember a brand that is not distinctive. A unique and memorable name that creates an emotional connection between your brand and consumers.

Having said that, you should strive to avoid appearing as “just another one of those companies”. To achieve this, you need to research your competitors and for each of them, find out how they come up with a particular business name and why it works or not.


You should check if your brand name is already taken. The name you choose should not be similar or close in any way to the names already in use. This applies to your domain name as well.

Having said that, you need to do a thorough name availability research to ensure that your brand name can’t cause confusion with an already used name. Once you have identified your brand name, be sure to claim my business as soon as possible.

How much does a trade name generator cost?

You can perform as many searches as you want on our business name generator without paying anything. Our free brand name generator is designed to inspire you to choose a creative, attractive and memorable product.

How do I choose a good business name?

The most important thing to consider when choosing a good business name is to make sure that it is still available for use. The name you choose should be easy to pronounce and understand. You don’t want your target audience to get bogged down with your business name. Finally, it should not be specific to allow for scalability.

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