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Blue Monday survey shows Brits are turning to ‘hibernating’, reorganising their homes and saving money to combat winter blues

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Manchester, EnglandAnd January 12 2022 /PRNewswire/ – With Blue Monday approaching Monday 17y January The Happiest Social Media Brand, which focuses on bringing the most entertaining, luxurious content and real-life stories on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, polled 3.1 pmA strong community to find out what will help them beat the winter blues this year.

80% claimed that they planned to stay at home instead of mingling with others, which is somewhat helpful with the spread of the new Corona virus still above us, while 82% said that this would be combined with some form of positive thinking or practicing mindfulness.

Only 42% believed that being outdoors was part of their daily ritual, while 61% said that reorganizing their homes would be beneficial to their well-being.

73% of participants were looking to eat comfort food to feed their souls rather than exercise and only 38% were considering some kind of new hobby.

In terms of looking ahead, 68% said they would take one day at a time instead of planning big life adventures over the coming months, and 58% felt that saving money would give them more convenience rather than impulsive buying.

Big Tucker Who is the happiest? He said: “The past couple of years have been really difficult for all of us and it seems like being at home and being kind to ourselves are now the most important things in making us feel better. The focus on material things or extravagance seems to be waning as we shift our collective focus to doing what we feel is best for our well-being more generally. general rather than a short-lived high.”

Happiest is part of the KOMI Group which is a three division company consisting of one of the UK’s largest digital publishing portfolios, the first digital social agency, and a video content licensing centre. Its team of content creators, analysts and video producers has prepared and distributed video content and viral campaign ads for global brands such as BBC Films, O2, Universal, Bud Light and Disney.

Content is shared across its Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn accounts including the Happiest, It’s Gone Viral page; and Ultimate which is a home and lifestyle community. The company delivers on average more than 1 billion views across its set of pages every month.

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