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Biz tip of the week: Is podcasting for you? | Business News

Biz tip of the week: Is podcasting for you? | Business News
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Have you ever listened to or created a podcast? If not, maybe it should.

A podcast is a collection or series of digital audio files available for downloading or listening over the Internet. Podcasts are a relatively new medium of communication and are gaining in popularity with consumers and business owners alike.

According to Buzzsprout, podcasting has mushroomed over the past decade and that growth is expected to continue. More than half of Americans have listened to a podcast. Forbes continues to report that more than 70% of all large business owners regularly listen to podcasts.

Podcasts can be a very effective marketing tool for service-related industries such as legal, financial, and real estate. If consumers want to learn before choosing a service provider, podcasts are especially effective. Examples may include medical, health, fitness, or travel services.

Podcasting is attractive to a business owner for several reasons. The first steps are relatively affordable, quick and easy. Once completed, the podcast can be shared on websites and social media channels. This may improve the organization’s website ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Focused content is a great way to reach qualified potential customers. The podcast introduces you as the expert, establishing a level of trust. This often results in higher customer conversion rates, and at much lower costs.


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