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BHF and Saatchi & Saatchi showcase the power of research to save lives

BHF and Saatchi & Saatchi showcase the power of research to save lives
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The British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) brand new campaign, This Is the Science, hopes to inspire more public support for its lifesaving research.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the campaign tells true stories of people still alive today thanks to public donations supporting BHF medical breakthroughs that turned science fiction into reality.

With one person dying from heart and circulatory disease every three minutes in the UK, the campaign highlights the charity’s need for more public support if it is to continue to make scientific breakthroughs that will save and improve lives.

The campaign kicks off with a film directed by Cillian Murphy directed by Peaky Blinder, now shown on TV and cinemas. It starts with a little boy with a scar on his chest getting ready for school. The voiceover reveals that it was “a scientific hypothesis,” in which the viewer sees a CGI image of the 3D-printed heart that was used to guide the surgery.


The ad then shows a man in his sixties in a forest, with an audio caption stating “It was a groundbreaking innovation,” which is depicted as an artery being expanded by a stent.

Finally, we see a teenage girl playing soccer, before she suddenly collapses. The voiceover explains that “a breakthrough that could cure it is closer than ever.” The ad concludes with Killian saying, “Through our research, we can preserve souls like theirs. Donate now to turn science fiction into reality.”

Saatchi & Saatchi has teamed up with director Ben Strebel through Biscuit Filmworks and MPC to bring BHF’s mission to life with the film.

The work signals the start of a new brand strategy for the BHF, placing the charity as a key front-line agent in the battle to beat smart heart disease.

Besides the film, the integrated campaign includes press and outdoor ads featuring people from the film along with CGI images depicting the scientific achievements they have benefited from.

The campaign will be further amplified by videos and photos, promoted on free and paid social channels, telling the stories of real people who have benefited from BHF discoveries or are still waiting for the next hack.

Claire Sadler, executive director of marketing, fundraising and engagement at the British Heart Foundation, said: “While the power of science is more appreciated than ever, our new campaign aims to leave the public in no doubt that their support is fueling frontiers – conducting research that saves lives.” From heart attack treatments to lifesaving surgery, thousands of people daily in the UK benefit from BHF research that has turned science fiction into reality.

“However, there are plenty of people who need breakthroughs that our scientists are still close to achieving. We hope this is the start of a long-term campaign that puts the amazing science at the heart of our brand, and inspires more people to donate to support lifesaving BHF research.”

The campaign follows Saatchi & Saatchi’s appointment as the BHF’s lead creative agency earlier this year, coinciding with the charity’s decision to bring together its fundraising and marketing teams. This step was taken with the aim of achieving greater impact from the BHF brand and fundraising activities.

Guillermo Vega, Creative Director Saatchi & Saatchi said: “BHF has made the impossible a reality for over 60 years. But with heart and circulatory diseases continuing to cause a quarter of deaths in the UK, this campaign is a rallying call to ignite the nation to engage with the Heart Foundation. Britain and its mission. Using real-life stories, we wanted to celebrate the amazing innovations that changed lives and showcase groundbreaking developments that would remain science fiction without BHF funding and ongoing public support.”


Campaign title: This is a flag

Client: British Heart Foundation

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London

CCO: Guillermo Vega

Creative Director: Lauren Dyer

Transcriber: Tobias Tercek

Art Director: Hernan Dietrich

Planning partner: Christian Henschel

Business Leader: Paul McHugh

Account team: Zara Hutchins

Agency Producer: Sam Robinson

Media buying agency: PHD London

Partner in charge of the media agency: Fergus Barnett

Production company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Ben Strebel

DOP: Ben Todd

Editor: James Forbes-Robertson @Trim

Post-production company: Moving Picture

Audio Post Production Company: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph

Photographer: Nick Eagle

Photography Agent: Morgan Lockyer

MD / EXEC PRODUCER: Robert Reynolds MacLean
Producer/Head of Production: Samantha Chetty

Line Producer: Nicola Sims

Production Director: Adam Oyugube

Assistant Director: James Murray

Fashion designer: Selena Wong

MPC Creative Director: Lone Mathieu Tollett

MPC CREATIVE Director: 2D Ricky Weissman


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