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Best Christmas Digital Ad Campaigns

Best Christmas Digital Ad Campaigns
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With the festive season approaching, companies already in place are planning to convince customers to buy more. In fact, internet marketing exerts one of the biggest influences on consumers on what and how they buy. This is the reason why modern companies spend a lot of time as well as budget on crafting an effective digital Christmas advertising campaign to attract customers with their lucrative offers.

One of the key aspects of a successful holiday online advertising campaign is the overall originality. Therefore, you can consider taking inspiration from other brands when it comes to creating the perfect online Christmas ad campaign.

When do you start Christmas marketing?

There is no denying that Christmas is the busiest time of the year for marketers and business owners. They are expected to consider relevant gift guides, discounts, and Christmas deals – all in order to increase their sales. What is the best time to start marketing your brand at Christmas?

When you start too early, it can take a toll on your overall sales with some consumers turning off. However, starting too late means losing potential customers to competitors. The best idea is to strike a perfect balance between the two.

Most of the leading brands launch Christmas ad campaigns during late November. This may be after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Reason? Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday deals have been cancelled. Therefore, nothing else will distract your customers when they are looking for Christmas gifts.

Another important factor is that Thanksgiving in the United States is the last holiday before Christmas. Therefore, it becomes a great opportunity to analyze the pros and cons of your internet marketing strategy. You might consider checking a company’s sales and profits, the overall discount efficiency of particular products and services, and overall customer satisfaction.

When you get relevant results from your previous ad campaign, it will be easier to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. On top of all that, as December approaches, people are getting into the ultimate Christmas mood – making plans to buy gifts for friends and family while making plans for Christmas Eve. Let us help you uncover the secrets of designing the perfect online Christmas ad strategy by taking cues from other leading campaigns.

The most important online Christmas advertising campaigns

Once the winter holidays approach, marketers are excited to come up with new marketing ideas. Every year, marketers come up with interesting advertising ideas to grab the attention of the target audience. The most important aspect is that the set of particular advertisements is the Christmas magic created by such brands during the long awaited period of the year.

If you want to create an engaging Christmas digital ad campaign for your brand this year, here are some inspirations to consider:

Coca-Cola Christmas Campaign

Coca-Cola is known for its famous “Holidays Coming” advertising campaign all over the world. Advertising was very popular a few years ago. However, the brand has now turned to the digital platform to express its ideas.

In the traditional “Holidays is Coming” TV commercial, Coca-Cola revolutionized the concept with uplifting visual and musical effects. Moreover, next year, the brand also aims to reveal its exclusive range of cinnamon to customers. What about online or social ads? The brand recently collaborated with Snapchat. The brand has taken advantage of the social network lens feature to capture the attention of end customers online.

I also used another app called Waze. Here, users will encounter Santa by default to help shoppers search for the nearest place to find Coca-Cola products.


Each year, Amazon releases their signature singing boxes that produce a warm tone to bring your Amazon bundle to the festive season. Recently, Amazon released its Christmas ad for YouTube channel while capturing hearts all over the world.

A two-minute ad featuring a young ballerina dedicated to the annual winter dance performance. However, the purpose of the advertisement was canceled due to the emergence of the pandemic. The ad is beautifully presented to showcase the sentiment that pervaded the entire pandemic year. It also reveals how humans will overcome the challenges ahead.

The ad got the perfect headline “The Show Must Go On”. It captures the essence of persistence while depicting the realistic Christmas of the season. The announcement was also coupled with the launch of the brand’s annual Christmas shopping guide. Above all, the brand’s Instagram handle also begins its early hint of festive glamour.


In fact, you must remember the famous “The Christmas Champ” Target commercial. A crazy woman appeared who was so excited about Christmas shopping. However, this ad was not used only on television. Recently, it has also been used in the context of online advertising. The brand aims to provide pleasant entertainment to shoppers through advertising. Furthermore, the ad also aims to indicate how the heroes can take extra steps to ensure everyone is on the perfect festive gift list.


Pepsi is working to be Coca-Cola’s main competitor. To stand out, the brand aims to create something unique and elegant to grab the attention of digital customers. Recently, the brand has considered ditching the traditional concept of presenting a challenge to Coca-Cola’s holiday marketing campaign.

The company made the decision to cast famous rap stars including Cardi B over Santa Claus. Pepsi’s announcement reveals the Twerk of Cardi store. Here, the famous star teaches a dwarf role as the song plays. This, in turn, encourages viewers to give more money than traditional gifts during Christmas.

The basic idea of ​​the advertising campaign by Pepsi is to ensure that Christmas advertising becomes more modern while targeting younger individuals such as Gen Z. According to Pepsi, it is referred to as a ‘digital scratch game’ available as QR scan codes on soda cans or bottles. When buyers are able to reveal three brand globes, they are apt to win cash prices ranging from $5 to $25,000. However, there is one benefit – the money you earn must be donated as a donation or to a friend.


Spotify is a leading platform for online video and music streaming services. It already boasts of having millions of users from different parts of the world. However, during the festive season, the brand aims to reveal more to users. Spotify is known to follow a typical Christmas tradition. It is referred to as Spotify Wrapped. Wrapped by Spotify is a great online marketing strategy to get new users to join the high-end Spotify community.

Right at the start of December, the company is moving forward with an opportunity to bring to life the favorite tracks you’ve been listening to all year. Moreover, the platform also creates a list of the hottest songs – including artists and genres that you might like in the coming year. Using advertising technology, users are also given the freedom to create birthday playlists while sharing them with individuals in the respective social network.

Santa Tracker from Google

There is no denying that Google is the largest technology brand in the world. IT developers and marketers keep implementing new ideas for amazing Google users. You may have noticed the famous 404 page featuring a dinosaur or playing Pacman or Atari Breakout in the browser.

However, with the Christmas season approaching, Google always likes to use the interactive Santa Tracker app. It is available as an annual entertainment program released in 2004. It allows end users to follow Santa Claus during Christmas. The developers at Google are including more advanced features in the ad including Christmas tutorials, playing videos, and various other activities – just as December approaches.

Google continues to promote its site on various social networks while adding various questions under Santa Claus posts to increase users’ interest. Here, you can consider participating in a race while selecting the winning user.


It is a famous fashion brand in the world. The brand is known to operate in up to 60 countries of the world while selling through most of them. During the joy of Christmas shopping, the company decided to introduce something new.

H&M decided to team up with a Coca-Cola ad to promote some fun online gifts – including staff for both H&M and Coca-Cola fans. Here, shoppers can consider buying hoodies, T-shirts, track pants, sweatshirts, T-shirts and much more featuring Coca-Cola prints.


You can find countless brands extending their fun online ad campaigns for Christmas. If you also want to stand out this holiday season, you can be expected to consider something creative and fun. By utilizing the latest online marketing strategies and tools, you can maximize your brand identity with unique online Christmas ad ideas. All the best!

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