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Best Advertising Agencies for 2022

Best Advertising Agencies for 2022
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Ignite social media

As one of the first ad agencies to focus solely on a particular medium of social media, we have chosen Ignite Social Media as the best ad agency for this rapidly expanding marketing sector.


  • specialized player

  • North America focus

Founded in 2007 with offices in North Carolina and Detroit, Michigan, Ignite Social Media has been at the forefront of the emergence of social media platforms and the rapid and continuous development of this advertising medium. We consider them the best in class to stay ahead of the learning curve and have chosen them as the best social media ad agency.

Ignite Social Media calls itself the original social media agency. More important than this starting point is the journey the company has taken since then and the reputation it has earned as one of the best social media advertising agencies in the market. Ignite Social Media has won numerous advertising industry awards and highest customer reviews.

Between changing societal and cultural norms and the algorithms of social media platforms, successful advertising on social media platforms is always a challenge. Ignite Social Media focuses solely on advertising on these platforms and offers services such as social strategy development, content creation, influencer management, community management, media purchasing, reporting and analytics, crisis management, and merchandising.

Their capabilities have attracted a wide range of brands across a full range of industries. Ignite Social Media stands out because not only does it strategize, implement, measure and iterate, but because it provides thought leadership through proprietary tools like social listening and content that transforms, as well as advisory services and in-house support.

With start-ups as low as $5,000, Ignite Social Media is available even to small brands. But as with all niche providers, for larger brands you’ll need to coordinate identity and message across more than one ad agency if you want to expand beyond social media.

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