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Beacon Media + Marketing Releases Guide on How Mental Health Clinics Converted Clients Through Websites

Beacon Media + Marketing Releases Guide on How Mental Health Clinics Converted Clients Through Websites
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RENO, Nevada, US, Jan 11, 2022 / – Beacon Media + Marketing has released a new guide that provides three examples of mental health clinic websites that are effective in converting clients. He explains how mental health practice is the digital storefront that we hope will convert visitors into customers.

Having a mental health care provider is becoming critical as nearly 1 in 4 adults, and 1 in 6 children have a mental illness. Nearly 50% of these people do not receive treatment.

There are some key factors that the guide covers to help gain the trust of a potential client and turn them into a patient. The priority should be making sure the site has a design that builds brand awareness, showcases services, and encourages visitors to take the next step of connecting with the clinic. Here are three examples that show how to build a website to get a high conversion rate.

The Grief and Trauma Center has some key factors that help in the success of its website.

• A strong call to action on every page
• Clear steps to get started
• Compassionate and persuasive language
• Powerful branding and soothing imagery
• Detailed processor bios and video

NYC Therapeutic and Wellness takes a slightly different approach but still has success. Their website includes:

• Eye-catching header image
• Soothing shades of blue
• Conversational and pertinent messages
• Strong and frequent call to action
• Easy to find information
• Easy to use contact form

Comprehensive CFT takes the previously described methods and combines them with:

• Photos and comprehensive messaging
• Easy-to-find services
• Urging multiple actions
• Soothing color palette
• Insurance tab in the main navigation

There are different ways to have a successful mental health clinic website. However, there are some key factors that should be included in the homepage. The most important thing to include are strong and frequent calls to action, attractive images, and easy-to-find service information.

Beacon Media + Marketing digs deep when helping mental health clients organize their websites for a modern, user-friendly design. A mental health website should break down barriers of entry and properly display an individual’s work. People interested in growing their own mental health website can reach out to Beacon Media + Marketing for more information.

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