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AMR Safety Team and live streaming confirmed for USF Juniors

AMR Safety Team and live streaming confirmed for USF Juniors
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Pre-season plans continue to be in place for the new USF Juniors program presented by the Cooper Tires open series that launched in April as Andersen Promotions today confirmed two key elements in securing the services of the AMR safety team and a live broadcast platform for all 16 races.

USF Juniors is an advance step on the road to Indy by Cooper Tires, offering a prize package of over $325,000 including a scholarship worth over $200,000 to apply to the Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship in 2023.

After years of receiving support from the AMR IndyCar Safety team at all Road to Indy events, Andersen Promotions entered into a direct agreement with American Medical Response to provide a multi-person team at all USF Juniors events and exams. The AMR team will oversee local track safety units to ensure the chain delivers fast and safe salvage efforts and effective race car recovery practices.

“Having worked with them for years, there is no doubt that AMR is the best in the business and we wanted to provide the best safety services for the new USF Juniors series,” said Dan Andersen, owner and CEO of Andersen Promotions. “Their participation and supervision will provide safer parking for our drivers and teams and will also result in a reduction in the number of yellow flag cycles.”

Andersen Promotions has also expanded its partnership with sports marketing agency Pro Racing Group to offer Road to Indy TV coverage of all USF Juniors events. All races will be broadcast live with manually operated cameras and enhanced with onboard camera and drone footage. Rob Howden, Series Development Manager, will provide feedback and host all pre- and post-race performances. Coverage will be available on RoadToIndy.TV, the USFJuniors app, and

“Our goal is to showcase the young talent and professional teams we have at USF Juniors,” Andersen continued. JP [Manterola, Pro Racing Group founder] He and his team are doing a great job for us on the roadside to Indy, so it was an obvious choice to enlist their services further. It will not be without some challenges for them in the production arena, but it is important that we provide our competitors with a platform to gain more followers as they look to move up the ladder.”

The USF Juniors will make their triceps debut at the Ozarks International Circuit on April 23-24. All six events in the 2022 calendar and series testing will feature comprehensive driver training led by Series Director Gustavo Yacaman, founder of YACademy, and Official Series Driver Coach Gabe Chaves, former Indy Lights champion and sports car talent.


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