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Aging Media Marketing Trends Q&A with Jonah Blumenthal, Chief Marketing Officer, TypoDuctions

Aging Media Marketing Trends Q&A with Jonah Blumenthal, Chief Marketing Officer, TypoDuctions
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Across housing and senior care settings, the marketing landscape continues to shift along with changing market factors. Through the Aging Media Network’s (AMN) annual Aspect Marketing and Advertising Awards program, we recognize the “best” of these efforts each year.

AMN is now accepting applications for the second annual program, which aims to highlight and highlight the industry’s best examples of top sponsorship advertising, public relations and marketing endeavors. These awards are given in recognition of the creative work accomplished by industry professionals who provide products and services in skilled nursing, home health care/home care, adaptation, living, and behavioral health.

We sat down with one of this year’s competition judges, Jonah Blumenthal, TypoDuctions, to talk about the latest marketing trends, what needs to change in skilled nursing marketing for the long term, and what’s on the horizon for this year’s Aspect Awards competition.

What current trends do you see in skilled nursing marketing?

Healthcare marketing technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and this trend is here to stay. Reputation-boosting programs (such as the check-in kiosks at TypoDuctions) allow utilities to streamline their system for more positive online reviews. It was a real game changer to boost online reputation and maintain compliance. For every potential problem facing the facility, there is a technical solution somewhere out there.

How do you define success in marketing and advertising today?

The ultimate sign of success is an online presence that is free of negativity, whether those comments, star ratings from Google, or images that are condemnatory or unpalatable on social media. If your online presence is positive, featuring happy and smiling faces on social media and many great reviews, you win.

What is your vision for skilled nursing marketing for 2022?

For 2022, it’s all about reputation. Marketers and the facilities they serve should focus on social media, email marketing, and website content to get more positive reviews and create a rosy online presence. These practices are just as important, if not more important than the efforts of individual marketers because their reach is global. Skilled nursing marketing should focus on reputation as we enter 2022.

What do you look for when judging Aspect Awards campaigns?

As the Marketing Director of a marketing agency that specializes in healthcare, I need to see some incredible creativity for my presentation to catch my eye. I want the rendering to stand out, have great aesthetics and give me that feeling of warmth and mystery inside!

What will catch your eye in this year’s competition?

It’s all about the effort you put in. If a business invests time, energy, and intent when creating their marketing materials, the presentation will be special to me. I’m also looking forward to seeing something different than I’ve seen in previous years – surprise me!

About the Aspect Awards

The Awards Program draws Aging Media participants from a highly qualified global audience including subscribers to the continuing healthcare publications Home Healthcare News, Senior Housing News, Skilled Nursing News, Hospice News, and Behavioral Health Business.

The deadline for participation is January 31, 2022. The judging of applications submitted during February 2022 will be completed by a panel of industry professionals representing each of these five related categories. Winners will be announced in March 2022.

For more information about the Aspect Marketing and Advertising Awards, visit the following website: Aspect Marketing and Advertising Awards.

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