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Agency roundup: Scriba PR; The Lucre Group; Engage; and more

Agency roundup: Scriba PR; The Lucre Group; Engage; and more
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Scriba PR has been appointed as the communications partner of broadband provider, Be Fiber, to deliver a strategic and ambitious briefing.

Following the news that the full-fiber internet service provider has secured £100m in private investment funding, the company has partnered with Huddersfield PR agency to help support its mission to provide high-speed broadband access to 1,000,000 buildings, during the six-month period. the following years.

Set on a retention basis for the next 12 months, Scriba’s work will include elevating the brand’s profile and keynote speakers, through thought leadership editorials and speaking opportunities, as well as consumer-facing communications from the national to the local level.

Scriba will also serve as the company’s press office.

We have nearly a decade of experience in the technology and communications sectors,” said Katie Mallinson, managing director of Scriba.

“We are excited to take advantage of this to help Be Fiber raise the speed of the UK, quite literally, in terms of full fiber connectivity.”

Be Fiber hopes to create up to 500 jobs by the end of 2022 alone.

The company’s head of communications and marketing, Rob Andrews, said: “Broadband is a very competitive market where messaging can sometimes be very confusing.

“We will rely on Scriba PR to help us navigate the noise and crowded market jargon, so that consumers are empowered to make better broadband choices.

“There is a B2B component to our feed as well, where we raise the official voice for our sister brand – the alternative network provider digital infrastructure.”


Tamarind Wilson Flint

Cauldron Foods, a British plant-based food brand, has appointed The Lucre Group to support its UK public relations strategy.

The win adds to a portfolio of clients amongst the growing food and beverage division of Leeds Agency, examples include Stonegate Pub Company, Distill Ventures and The Dalmore.

Cauldron Foods is headquartered in Stokesley, North Yorkshire and offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan products.

The Lucre Group has been told to provide creative ideas to publicize the fact that as of January 2022, Cauldron Foods has been 100% Carbon Neutral certified across its entire range of products.

“The plant is increasingly dependent on people’s radars, and as a result, the market is becoming more and more crowded,” said Tamarind Wilson-Flint, director of the agency.

“Our campaign concept is unique to Cauldron Foods and everything about communicating their journey from plant-based to planet-based.

“A perfect match with her entire range that has been certified as carbon neutral and a truly original way to ensure her name appears on everyone’s lips.”

Tom Lindley, Head of Business Unit at Cauldron Foods added: “We are always striving to improve the impact we are having on our planet, and the launch of our new Korean product makes us move our products into the carbon neutral territory for the first time.

“We wanted to make sure that consumers were aware of this wonderful development in our journey and were incredibly impressed with the strategic and innovative approach that the Lucre Group offered.”


Grace Foods UK, a global food supplier, is celebrating its 100-year heritage by appointing a list of agencies to support ambitious growth plans.

Leeds-based digital agency Engage has been contracted to redevelop the company’s website and coordinate social media and paid social activation to grow its client base.

Loudbird PR has been selected to handle UK public relations for the umbrella company and its brands. The Brand Activation Agency Circle will create and coordinate various campaigns across multiple channels.

Digital marketing and public relations strategy includes the university company and its brands Grace, Nurishment, Encona, and Dunn’s River.

Erie Eats, a mainstream Caribbean brand proposal will also be included.

Vandu Patel, Director of Marketing at Grace Foods UK said: “We are very proud of our heritage, which sets us apart from any other provider of Caribbean food products, and next year will be a huge year for the company, as we celebrate 100 years of Grace and 60 years of Jamaican independence as well.

“We are really excited to have appointed these wonderful agencies to support us in demystifying Caribbean cuisine.”

Dom Mernock, Director of Engage, said: “It is very exciting to be hired by a global brand like Grace Foods. It is a huge scope of work, but this one comes with great opportunities.”


Creative agency Rise at Seven, founded in 2019 by Carrie Rose and Stephen Kinwright, has appointed Reprise’s ex-CEO, Tasha Amponsa-Antuito, to head its SEO team.

She brings together a wealth of experience with web search, e-commerce, and video search with omnichannel.

Having been in the industry for nearly nine years, she has worked with more than 20 fashion, beauty and travel brands and global brands such as Gucci and Ralph Lauren as well as leading the global SEO team for LEGO.

Her experience has given her valuable insights into the nuances of retail and e-commerce in terms of SEO, with her role at Rise at Seven now focusing on developing and implementing global strategies.

The hire comes after Rise at Seven’s announced that it plans to launch an office in New York City after incorporating in Sheffield, Manchester and London.

The agency currently has 102 employees and is looking to recruit senior positions across the UK and US; Including US Digital PR Manager and Content Manager.

Richard Lawrence, Chief Technical Officer of the company, said: “With her expertise in cross-platform search, Tasha brings a great deal of value to the SEO team, and we’re really excited to have her on board.

“From the App Store and improving YouTube to gaining insight into marketplaces like Amazon, she has extensive experience that will be integral to further building on Rise’s ‘search everywhere’ approach in 2022.”

Amponsah-Antwi said: “I have researched and talked about how we as SEOs can build strategies beyond just the website and traditional search, considering other platforms and how this affects the user search journey.

“I feel Rise is the perfect place for this forward-thinking and I am committed to being the first to implement new SEO strategies in the industry.”

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