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A3 Artists Agency Unveils Four Promotions (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter

A3 Artists Agency Unveils Four Promotions (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter
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A3 Artists Agency has promoted Ashley Partington as partner, and Sophie Pressler, Melissa DeMarco and Jane Hyde are top agents as four major promotions were revealed on Wednesday.

Partington returned to join A3 Artists in 2020 after working for the agency from 2013 to 2018. In between, Partington was principal vice president of the LA Talent Agency, which included heading the commercial division.

Partington heads up the brand partnerships and commercial endorsement division of the Hollywood Talent Agency.

Bressler and De Marco work in the Alternative Programming, Digital Media, Licensing and Branding division, while Hyde works in the Brand Partnerships and Commercials Support division.

“Ashley, Sophie, Melissa, and Jane have championed the agency’s 360 approach and have worked with teams across all divisions. Their commitment to our clients’ success is evident in their leadership and interdepartmental collaboration,” Robert Atterman, CEO of A3 Artists Agency, said in a statement.

Since joining the agency in 2018, Pressler has focused on bringing together unscripted digital content, using her experience developing unrecorded television series.

DeMarco joined A3 Artists Agency in 2017 and brought experience from working at high profile talent agencies and a leading digital management company, while Hyde boarded the agency in 2018 and has since developed and transformed acting talent into recognizable faces of major consumer brands.

After Attermann, Brian Cho, and Adam Bold acquired Abrams Artists Agency from founder Harry Abrams, the new owners renamed the company the A3 Artists Agency in 2020.

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