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8 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic This Festive Season

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It’s holiday screams everywhere! Crazy deals on the latest technology, new clothing designs, and many other lifestyle products have us skinned, and why not? It’s the only time we want and order more than usual. Almost everyone is excited and excited to ring in the festivities. Jovial is the mood and companies have very high sales under the hood!

When everything is in abundance, why do marketers avoid asking for more customers? These additional customers are likely to be diversions from traffic on their company’s website. Therefore, they want to go the extra mile to drive more traffic to their site if they want to increase sales of their products. To boost and increase their sales and transform their business, they must need business plan templates to promote their products during these festive seasons to reach their goal.

One way to achieve this is by practicing SEO at its best. This technique will bring your work into the spotlight in no time if done correctly. Since sales are at their highest during the holiday season, competition is likely to be high among online stores. If you want your business to peak and attract customers, you will have to be careful with your SEO practices.

With all this in mind, we’ve enlisted 8 marketing tips to boost your website traffic this holiday season:

1. Start your marketing campaign well in advance

Too many companies make the mistake of delaying their holiday campaign strategy and losing sales.

As a marketer, you should consider positioning your brand at the head of your target market before the season comes. This means that customers should consider shopping before the beginning of December. Launching your holiday marketing campaign before November or December can make your brand an advantage in the market. This will work specifically with customers who buy holiday gifts early on. You can easily take advantage of the first shopper with your pre-released holiday offers.

2. Targeting long tail keywords

Once you are done with the high intent keywords and the trending keywords, you should move your focus to the long tail keywords. These keywords form an important part of overall web searches. Thus, if you miss targeting these things, you may miss out on the opportunity to get some serious traffic on your website.

3. Use seasonal keywords

Each festival has its own set of keywords that are trending across the web. Seasonal SEO will depend on these groups of keywords. For example: Christmas keywords like Christmas decor, Christmas gifts, Christmas lighting, etc., will get the trend.

If you don’t target seasonal keywords, your store won’t show up in search results. Hence, you should include popular seasonal keywords on product pages, landing pages, offer ads, or blogs.

4. Design holiday landing pages

Landing pages designed for the holidays will prove to be your golden ticket to win festive sales and SEO.

Here’s what a festive landing page will do for you:

  • Holiday goals will be more targeted or specific
  • A specific ceremonial invitation to work is permitted
  • It acts as a common home for all selected keywords
  • All offers and product ads will be displayed in one space

These perks will immediately boost the chances of your pages ranking higher than festive, decentralized pages. Moreover, it will increase visibility in organic traffic that will help you generate leads, conversions and sales.

5. Offer free rewards

This is the one trick in a marketer’s handbook that never fails to perform. Everyone loves things that come at no cost. So, you can take advantage of that to your advantage. When you testify for a free product or purchase a gift alongside your main purchase, customers simply won’t be able to resist.

This strategy can be used very cleverly to entice customers to spend more with your company. For example: If you offer free products on purchases over $50, the customer will end up spending that amount with your company just for that free product.

Especially during the holidays when everyone is in the mood to give back, your customers will surely love to be on the receiving end of the gift. So, if you don’t want to offer free rewards per se, you can offer free shipping instead. All these tactics highlighting the highlights on offers, promotions and savings will surely lead to more sales.

6. Build Festive Promotion Link

If you don’t already know the importance of off-page SEO, let’s explain it in detail. A quality link to your web page will indicate to Google’s crawlers that the web page is a valuable piece of content. When Google receives this signal, it will increase your page ranking. This is what we mean by off-page SEO.

Backlinking is a strategic way of bringing traffic to your web pages from other portals or websites. And when links are “do follow” in nature, so is page authority and domain authority.

You should also consider the importance of the link text. Look for high quality backlinks from festive anchor texts like Black Friday deals, Christmas deals, Halloween costumes, etc.

7. Have a strong interconnect setup

The strength of your cookie will depend not only on the number of backlinks you have but also on your internal link structure. When you create and publish content, keep an eye out for opportunities for internal links. The overall user experience will improve with this method along with the SEO mode, which will eventually lead to more traffic on your website. So, if you are writing and posting any new holiday content, try giving links from that to your internal pages.

8. Use the power of hashtags

If you are into social media marketing and have been doing it for a while, you should be aware of the kind of power that hashtags have. They have the ability to display your content loud and clear and even make it go viral.

You will be able to take full advantage of their capabilities on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Focus on the holiday hashtags and boost your chances of being discovered by the largest number of potential clients. The best part about hashtags is that they are easy to remember and can encourage user-generated content.

All armed to get some serious traffic this holiday season now?

This has been a very useful handbook for you to take your holiday marketing strategy like never before. Bringing together a team of experienced SEO professionals and with all hands on the surface, imagine what kind of exposure you can get for your brand this season.

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