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5 Years of Glitter Bombs and Disrupting the Credit Union Industry One Website at a Time

5 Years of Glitter Bombs and Disrupting the Credit Union Industry One Website at a Time
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Miramar Beach, Florida.And January 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OMNICOMMANDER kicks off 2022 by celebrating five years in the financial industry as a website design, marketing, and cybersecurity company.

“I am very proud of everything the OMNICOMMANDER team has accomplished over the past 5 years. In this time period, we have become not only the largest provider of credit union sites (nearly 500 credit unions in 47 states) but also the highest rated (with over 100 reviews). 5 star Google rating).Our work has won numerous awards by numerous government leagues as well as national championships.We have built strong partnerships inside and outside the industry that allow us to provide the best solutions for our customers.Being a veteran owned and operated company,we have received In recognition as a leader in the development and recruitment of ex-service members as well as military spouses,” Eric Isham, Executive Director.

Originally established as a single owner operating store in Miramar Beach, Florida, OMNICOMMANDER has expanded to include approximately 100 Commandos and a total of three offices with two additional offices in Nashville, Tennessee And Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Recognizing the continuing need and adoption of our products and services by our customers, we have made a concerted effort to double our already intense recruitment effort. In fact, we have already hired 12 new people in 2022!” States Eric Isham, Executive Director. “In order to house all the new Commandos, we are in the process of building a new 9,500 sq ft main office in Nashville This will be different from anything anyone has seen before while building our new offices at the same time Salt Lake City, home of the CYBERCOMMANDER division. ”

OMNICOMMANDER’s mission to save the credit union industry remains the core principle driving the company forward. “When I first started in the industry stuffing paper checks into envelopes for a bill-paying company, there were more than 10,000 credit unions,” he recalls. Eric Isham, Executive Director. “Currently, there are less than 5,000, and every day brings new news another disappears. I honestly believe that one of the driving factors for the collapse of the industry is that credit unions have traditionally struggled to tell their story. With appropriate marketing and digital communication, I am sure we can fix this. In Indeed, the majority of our clients outperform their peers in several meaningful categories.

Powered by live chat agents, our integrated CHATCOMMANDER solution has conducted hundreds of thousands of conversations and attracted thousands of new members and new loans to our credit unions. Through various natural disasters over the past year and of course staff shortages due to COVID, our team has continued to be a consistent and reliable source of communication between OUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND THEIR MEMBERS.Quite impressive is the CARCOMMANDER solution, a full white-labeled and tailor-made all-time car purchase service on the Credit Union website.This exciting solution has resulted in millions of dollars in new car loans for our customers.When these are combined With solutions with an ADA compliant website compatible with mobile devices, the results are amazing,” Eric Isham, Executive Director.


OMNICOMMANDER is a website design and marketing company owned and operated by a credit union. Focusing on the member experience, the company ensures that every touch point has a great interface. Besides the amazing design, OMNICOMMANDER creates websites with built-in mobile responsiveness, SSL encryption, and ADA compliance. OMNICOMMANDER provides marketing services, including targeted marketing, branding and social media, to enhance every aspect of a brand’s digital presence. The Cyber ​​Security Division of OMNICOMMANDER CYBERCOMMANDER is the industry’s premier cyber security provider. Providing customized compliance solutions that help our partners stay two steps ahead of cybercriminals.

For more information, visit OMNICOMMANDER on LinkedIn, Twitterand Facebook and Instagram.

contact information:
Name: John Bennikov
email: [email protected]
Address: 495 Grand Blvd #201, Miramar Beach, Florida 32550
Phone: +1 (800) 807-3109

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