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3 Experts Share The Digital Trends To Watch Out For In 2022 [DesignRush QuickSights]

3 Experts Share The Digital Trends To Watch Out For In 2022 [DesignRush QuickSights]
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Global IT spending is expected to reach over $4.5 trillion in 2022, an increase of 5.5% over the previous year. DesignRush reached out to experts to help companies improve their digital growth by learning about the trends for 2022.

New York (PRWEB) Jan 5, 2022

Global spending on the IT industry is expected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2022, showing a 5.5% increase over 2021. With the emergence of new developments, companies face a greater need to understand emerging trends.

DesignRush, the B2B marketplace that connects brands to agencies, has tapped into its powerful network of 11,000 agencies to gain quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on trends emerging in today’s tech world.

1) Digital payments will continue to expand worldwide

According to Aaron Goh, Managing Director of Launchpad, the development of digital payments will continue to grow, especially in eastern markets.

“Digital payments have undoubtedly gone up since the past two years in the wake of the pandemic and travel restrictions,” Goh said. “The ASEAN and APAC markets are exceptionally fast in adopting digital payments and we could see more options and services to digitize payments in 2022.”

2) TWA by Google will improve the performance of hybrid apps

According to Piotr Sobusiak, CTO at Applover, Trusted Web Activity (TWA) as a protocol for Android applications is widespread, bringing its performance much closer to that of native applications.

“The most interesting digital trend in 2022 will be TWA,” Sobociak said. “Trusted Web Activity” is a technology developed by Google that allows you to “wrap” websites in the PWA (Progressive Web Application) standard as an Android app. It is a light “container” for PWA, i.e. Android allows you to upload PWA applications to the Google Store, which in operation has capabilities very similar to native applications.

3) Modernity will be this year’s UI design trend

Matt Pettifer, Director of Design at ImageX, spoke of increasing the design’s adaptation to neumorphism, an approach that creates patterned user interfaces.

“I think we’re going to see a lot of newness in 2022,” Pettifer said. “Whereas skeuomorphism attempts to imitate the realistic appearance of objects and flat design starkly favors a minimalist style, neomorphism offers a middle ground. Through choices of colors and shades, neomorphism enables the element to emerge from the user’s screen.”

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