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11 Profitable Digital Business Ideas to Become a Successful Online Worker

11 Profitable Digital Business Ideas to Become a Successful Online Worker
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Recently, Corona Virus opened our eyes to see hidden opportunities online. Lots of digital businesses have seen massive growth in demand as the global shutdown has prompted internet users across the globe to search for new sources of income online.

While current career opportunities are gaining increasing attention from the public, new profitable digital business ideas have not stopped jumping on the scene. In this post, I would like to discuss some profitable ideas for starting and running a sustainable digital business.

What makes working online as a freelancer so interesting is the fact that many of these freelance ideas don’t require heavy capital to get started with. With $500 or less, you can get started right away and watch your income increase within a short period of time.

11 Cool Ideas to Start a Successful Digital Business

1 – Graphic design or UX design work

This is one of the digital companies that is exploding on the Internet these days. Graphic design is all about creating visual content to communicate messages. It includes logo design, banner designs, website templates, book covers, business cards, product labels, T-shirt design, email marketing templates, graphic design, tags, mobile apps, software interfaces, etc.

When it comes to graphics and design as a business, the list is long. This is because of the diversity in the visual needs of users of digital devices and most of them require specific skills and tools to achieve excellence.

The UI/UX design sector is becoming more and more attractive due to the increasing demand for websites, web applications, mobile applications, desktop software and video games. If you have some design and marketing skills, switching to a freelance business as a user experience designer can be very profitable. UX design is about making sure that the app or website is designed in a way that gives the user the best possible experience. This means making sure that it’s fun, easy to navigate and easy to use. Here Corinne shares his experience transitioning from a full-time worker to freelance work in UX design. According to him, getting a job is difficult (especially for beginners), but not impossible. (More tips on this below).

As WordPress and other content management systems (CMS) are gradually taking over the web, the web design business is moving towards creating templates for these content management systems. Besides the coding knowledge required by the technology that supports these website applications, you will need skills in creating visual elements to make templates attractive and engaging.

Logo design, book covers, business cards, flyers, and web banner designs have been made easy in recent times. Applications and design tools allow you to choose from a huge library of design templates, customize and export them to finished products. With a little knowledge of using complex design tools like Photoshop, you can start and run a successful design project with the help of online template based graphic design platforms like Canvas, visme, designhill etc. If you want to become a UX designer, you will use software like Adobe XD, Figma, Axure, etc. All you need to continue using these tools is to pay the monthly fee which is handy for the most part.

2 – Consulting business

This is a profitable online business idea. If you are an expert in a field, you can simply switch to consulting and make money giving advice to people who need help in your field.

For some industries, you may not even need a license to be successful. For digital careers, all you need is to create an online presence and find clients. Helping people in areas like search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, social media marketing, and many more IT related businesses doesn’t necessarily require a license especially if you’re operating completely online without a brick-and-mortar office site.

Some quick advice ideas are:

  1. financial advisory
  2. Legal advice
  3. Marketing Consulting
  4. UX and UI Design Consulting
  5. Fitness Consultation
  6. Professional Consulting
  7. WordPress Consulting
  8. YouTube Consulting
  9. Environmental Consulting
  10. college counseling
  11. dating advice
  12. Wedding Consultation
  13. Music Consulting

As a matter of fact, the list is endless. People need help in all industries. You just have to be smart and bring your expertise to offer them help and get paid.

Online consulting tools are not a problem at all. Basically you need a calendar and a communication tool. The calendar tool will allow your customers to book or take appointments and make payments. Shows your market when you are available and when you are not. Communication tools will allow you to communicate with customers and share files, screenshots and other materials. All of these are available online. You just need to google and come up with a long list to choose from.

3 – SEO services

Search engine optimization has become a complex field. Since this is not something that anyone can do and the demand is constantly increasing, there is a need to focus on it and acquire the necessary skills. While becoming an SEO consultant is a digital business in itself, you may want to expand or focus on certain SEO activities such as link building, auditing, software, etc.

If you are good at optimizing sites to rank well, with SEO apps like SEMrush, aHref, etc. on the market, it can be easy to create an audit work. These applications help you identify issues with site content and configuration and provide some suggestions for improvements.

4 – Director of Marketing / Marketing through social networking sites

Social media has grown beyond social media to cover business and politics. Creating and managing social media campaigns is very daunting. Brands are now looking for social media professionals to help them in their quest to acquire new customers and expand their businesses.

As a social media manager or community manager, you help companies develop and implement content strategies on different social media platforms in order to increase their online presence and improve their marketing and sales efforts. It’s not rocket science to become a social media manager. However, as a successful community manager, you will need all or most of these skills.

5- Commercial Blogging

Blogging is fast becoming one of the largest channels for content creation and distribution. As a blogger, you can create and market content to build a market. Once your market grows, you will be able to generate income in many ways.

As with many of these freelance companies, you don’t need any specific skills to become a successful blogger. However, blogging about what you’re already doing can be a quick step toward early success in the activity. A successful blogging strategy starts with content topics to identify marketing channels and monetize your efforts. Don’t jump into blogging without properly thinking where to start and how to keep going.

6 – Writing the commercial article

Writing articles is a profitable business idea for people who are good at words. You will perform jobs such as writing for newspapers, magazines, magazines, etc., and your writing will be news reporting, research findings, academic analysis, debate, etc.

This job requires a lot of research and writing skills and to be a successful writer you will have to cover a wide variety of topics.

6- Business audit

This is a highly paid and profitable skill that you can learn at home. On most professional platforms, you will find plenty of proofreading jobs.

Reviewers are sorely needed in today’s content marketing world. It’s important because when you write you may inadvertently make small mistakes that you don’t even notice even if you read them again. The debugger will be able to quickly detect and edit errors in sentences and words.

As a successful proofreader, you must be superior and demonstrate good article editing skills. You will need to be meticulous and pay attention to detail.

7 – Business voiceover

Do you have a great voice? Well, you might be able to turn that into an income source.

As a voice actor, you can use your voice to market a product, entertain, tell a story, imitate a character, etc. This article can help you develop your natural voice into an exciting business.

8 – Article translation work

Do you speak two languages ​​or do you speak several languages? If you are fluent in more than one working language, this might just be an opportunity for you to start a freelance translation business.

As business grows beyond borders, as the Internet allows businesses to communicate across the globe, the need for translation is becoming prominent. You may not have to acquire some other skills to start translating online content. All you have to do is register on the job platforms and identify your language skills. Once you are noticed, jobs will start coming your way.

9- Entering commercial data

This includes writing information in electronic formats. Data is entered with a lot of typing and you have to write information from hard copies, audios or videos into a Word document, Excel or any program for further processing.

10- Works of writing and publishing

Copywriters are different from article writers. They are experts who help the company’s sales team create content for marketing. They research, plan and write copies intended to promote and market goods and services on behalf of their clients.

As a copywriter, you will need to develop your skills to write sales letters, blog posts, advertisements, product technical documents, etc.

11- Photographic work

A good photographer is not just someone who holds a camera but has an extremely keen eye for detail. He must be able to manipulate his devices and capture moments from an angle that makes his photos stand out.

There are three ways to make money online as a photographer:

  1. Get a job to take pictures during events. You can apply for photo opportunities near you from online job platforms.
  2. Sign up for premium photo platforms and submit your photos. This way, you can share the profit with the platform every time your photo is requested. Some of the widely used platforms for selling your photos are Shutterstock, iStockphoto, offset and Depositphotos.
  3. Get paid to edit photos and apply special effects. To do this, you must also be able to use photo editing software.

Get freelance jobs and grow your business online

Getting skills is one thing and another thing to find and get hired. The quickest way forward is to sign up for freelancing platforms and start tapping into the market that already exists.

However, there are two main points you have to deal with in this case:

  1. As a new member, you may find it difficult to get a job due to the competition and the presence of more experienced workers with very attractive profiles. But this should not be a problem at all. With some patience and intelligence, you will soon ascend to the top.
  2. Freelance platforms will list your platform and help clients find you for free. However, they will take a portion of your income for using their platform.

To expand your market and get a chance to get more jobs, join more job platforms, use professional profile pictures and make sure there are no empty spaces on your profile page.

These platforms have the power to suspend or disable your account without prior notice. If this happens, you could suffer dire consequences if it does not spread.

This can always happen because you have no control over their platforms. One of the things I recommend you to do is create your own blog where you showcase your skills and sell your services.


In today’s information world, anyone can get busy and get paid. Freelance jobs abound, and for many opportunities, physical contact isn’t needed anymore. Getting started doesn’t have to be expensive. I hope these days you have made your mind work.

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