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10 Tips for Working With a Marketing Agency

10 Tips for Working With a Marketing Agency
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There are many good reasons to work with a marketing agency. You may be interested in establishing a presence with an unfamiliar marketing strategy. You might be excited to see better results in a campaign that has been dwindling. You may also be interested in saving money, paying an agency to run your campaign rather than hiring a full-time marketing manager.

Whatever the case, your results will depend on the relationship and relationship you can form with your marketing agency – and that means you will have to do some work.

How to work with a marketing agency

These tips will help you work with a marketing agency more effectively.

  1. Choose the right partner. Your results will depend on your ability to choose the right digital marketing agency. This means that you will need to consider many different variables. For example, what is the area of ​​specialization of this agency? How much experience do they have with your agency? Do they have access to ample resources to support you? What is the duration and sharing of their contracts? How much do they charge you? Does it seem easy to communicate with them? In line with this, you will need to check online reviews and testimonials to make sure this is the right partner for your needs.
  2. Set expectations early. Once you’ve chosen a marketing agency partner, it’s important to set expectations early. What do you hope to achieve? What do you know as “success”? What types of behavior are unacceptable from this agency? How do you think this campaign will go? This is a great opportunity to clarify any differences in understanding so you can move forward as a team.
  3. Be transparent. Likewise, you should be transparent throughout the development of your relationship. If your agency asks you to clarify information about your brand or goals, provide it. If you have ideas or ideas that would improve the campaign, bring them up. The more proactive you are, the better.
  4. Set conditions for communication. Different companies have different expectations when it comes to communication. Some prefer a laissez-faire approach, allowing the agency to do the work it does best with minimal interaction. Others prefer to have weekly (or even more frequent) meetings. Express your preferences from the start.
  5. Be clear and brief. In all forms of communication, try to remain as clear and concise as possible. Review all of your written correspondence before sending it to ensure that you have appropriately understood your ideas, and are not adding unnecessary details. The smoother your communication with your agency, the better your campaign will run.
  6. Trust but verify. “Trust but verify” is a Russian proverb that warns individuals not to trust the people they work with, but to always check that their trust is well placed. In the context of working with a marketing agency, this means always taking the time to validate what they are telling you. It is a good system of checks and balances that can help you get the best possible results.
  7. Hear the recommendations of experts. Your marketing agency will act as a consultant, providing you with advice about your campaign and imparting experience to help you make better decisions. You hired this agency because you trust them as the experts, so be prepared to listen to this advice.
  8. Get to know the whole team (if you can). You may have a particular contact within your chosen marketing agency, but it’s helpful to get to know the entire team (if you can). Meeting and talking with other team members will help you learn about how the organization works, and can help you improve your relationship.
  9. Focus on results. It’s easy to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of individual tactics and low-level decisions within the campaign, but you better focus on the bottom line. Judge the agency based on the results it provides, and keep the results as your top priority.
  10. Be flexible. Try to remain as flexible as possible. Be willing to try new tactics, listen to new ideas, and don’t be afraid to change your routine. Your flexibility can greatly improve your results.

Recognizing a bad relationship

If you’ve tried all of these strategies, and you’re still struggling to make the partnership “fit,” it might be time to cut your relationship with that marketing agency. Don’t stress too much about it – if you’ve already tried to make things work, there’s no choice left but to look for another option. If this is the case, provide feedback to the agency letting them know why you are leaving, and start looking for an agency that best suits your needs.


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