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10 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today, Wednesday, Jan. 12

10 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today, Wednesday, Jan. 12
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Welcome back, readers. A judge has ruled that the FTC can proceed with an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, and we compared Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Chevy Silverado EV to see which prevails.

Let’s get started.

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Two people taking a selfie in front of Facebook "excellent" Signature at the company's headquarters

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1. A judge denied Facebook’s request to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit. The US Federal Trade Commission is working to prove that Facebook is in violation of the social media monopoly. Yesterday, a US judge ruled in favor of the Federal Trade Commission by dismissing Facebook’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, allowing the case to proceed.

  • This isn’t the first time the FTC has tried to come to Facebook. The agency filed the first version of an antitrust lawsuit in 2020, which sought to expose Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • But last summer, a judge dismissed his first complaint, ruling that there was insufficient evidence for the FTC’s primary claim: that Facebook had monopoly power. The Federal Trade Commission was allowed to amend its complaint and try again.
  • In an opinion released yesterday, the judge ruled that the FTC’s case now presents facts “more robust and detailed than before” – allowing the agency to continue its case against the tech giant.

Here’s what you should know about the lawsuit.

In other news:

Amazon Prime Repository Writer

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2. Amazon faces a second union election next month. After the NLRB determines that the company interfered in the first election, 6,000 workers at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama will be able to vote again. Voting will start on February 4th. More on that here.

3. The conviction of Elizabeth Holmes casts a shadow over the founders of a health startup. After Theranos is found guilty of four fraud charges, the founders face questions about their case during investment meetings. The founders explain how these high-profile fraud cases “make it more difficult for us”.

4. Facebook will order boosters for the COVID-19 vaccine. All Facebook employees should personally have support by late March, making it one of the largest companies to implement such a requirement. Additionally, the company has postponed its reopening until March. See the company’s latest COVID-19 protocols.

5. Reef is closing about a third of its abandoned kitchens. Leaked documents revealed that the startup is temporarily closing 95 poorly performing food trailers, though it did not say when the trailers will reopen. More about the decision.

6. Web3 startups are hunting employees from some of the biggest tech names in the US. Now, the same trend is about to unfold in Europe as the prospect of a decentralized internet and bloated pay packages lure employees away. Here’s why tech talent has drifted to Web3.

7. AWS plans to “reimagine” how it manages its network. According to a new job posting, Amazon Web Services is looking for someone to reshape how it manages its network with new Control Level services — a project the company expects will be critical to “Amazon as a whole.”

8. Video game developers weigh down unrealistic expectations. Many metaverse buffs anticipate a future where users can seamlessly transfer objects – such as purchased costumes for avatars – from one video game to another. But the game makers warn that it won’t be that simple. They explain why this is an unrealistic fantasy.

9. A former Google CEO paid $65 million for a vacant plot of land in Beverly Hills. Eric Schmidt bought Enchanted Hill, a vacant site formerly owned by Microsoft Paul Allen. Spread over 120 acres, the property has space for multiple guest houses, a sports complex, and luxury facilities such as a winery. Take a look at a lot.

10. Chevrolet Silverado EV vs. Ford F-150 Lightning. We compared two electric pickups to see which one was the best, and found that the Silverado EV beats the F-150 Lightning in range, power, and price — but only slightly. See how the trucks stack up.

What we are watching today:

  • Micromobility World, a virtual summit exploring how small vehicles can improve the world, is being held today.
  • Justworks is expected to announce final pricing for the IPO.
  • It’s Jeff Bezos’ birthday, and Amazon workers and activists are expected to call on Amazon to recognize unions.

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